Friday, November 13, 2009

What are the critical literacy skills of today and tomorrow?

After reading New times, new literacies (Education Queensland, 2004) I believe there are three top questions/ issues that educators need to address:
1. Define which are the critical literacy skills that are essential for the 21st century learners and explore ways of how they could be integrated effectively within the current curriculum.

2. Craft strategies to effectively address the diversity and disparity of literacy levels in an ever changing and increasingly diverse culturally and socially global community of learners.

3. There is an emerging technological literacy become increasingly important to master. This literacy is about the ability to understand and effectively use emerging and converging technologies in different situations and contexts and solve effectively problems. The burning question is: How we address that critical literacy in the current curriculum if it is not present amongst the educators themselves?

The questions raised in the article were mainly around the literacy practices that students engage in which are very important to be aware of and understand. Of equal importance I believe is also knowing and understanding the literacy practices that educators engage with to be able to offer them with training and development opportunities that will effectively address lower level or lacking literacies that they need to develop or improve on in order to be able to be support their learners in developing such literacies themselves .

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